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Introducing Next Generation Health Careers Academy

Michigan Health Council’s Next Generation Health Careers Academy (NGHCA) program aims to build the healthcare sector. Through events, activities, videos, and resources, NGHCA ties what students are learning in the classroom with healthcare careers. Each of the resources will help prepare K-12 students for post-secondary education while highlighting the many healthcare career pathways available to them.

Program Resources & Events

Scrubs Club will focus on K-5 activities and resources. The events, previously known as Mini-Medical School, will be available statewide to educators who would like to provide interactive healthcare experiences. Lesson plans and videos will also be available.

Health Careers Lab will help 7th-8th grade educators add healthcare career exploration into existing lesson plans and offer opportunities to participate in virtual interactive events.

Prepped for Success will make it easy for 9th-12th grade educators to add healthcare career preparation into existing lessons, CTE programs, and health science classes.

Learning More

We look forward to working with educators and other community partners throughout the state to provide K-12 resources and events! To learn more, please visit



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