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Innovative Models of Dental Care

Michigan Donated Dental Services is an outstanding example of a public-private partnership working together to provide a meaningful and measurable benefit to Michigan’s communities.

Using a modest state appropriation, the Dental Lifeline Network coordinates volunteer dental care by 822 Michigan dentists and 251 laboratories, providing over $1.65 million in dental care during 2013.

Their dental patients are among the most vulnerable: the disabled, the elderly, and the medically frail. All of these people suffer from a wide range of chronic illnesses, which either contribute to or are exacerbated by their oral health problems.

The data highlighted in this fact sheet pales in comparison to the heart-warming story of “Danny,” the 61-year old Vietnam veteran from Kalamazoo. Danny suffers from Huntington’s disease, as well as emphysema and epilepsy and was in desperate need of a full mouth extraction.

Through the Donated Dental Services program, Danny was able to receive a full set of upper and lower dentures which has dramatically increased his quality of life.



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