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Celebrating Career Exploration and Awareness Month

December 2022 is Career Exploration and Awareness Month! Michiganders are encouraged to explore the variety of career pathways available to them. Healthcare is one of Michigan’s fastest-growing sectors, and demand for healthcare workers is expected to increase state-wide over the next decade. Now is the time to look forward at how we can support and build the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Research shows introducing young students to careers requiring advanced degrees while providing access to experiential learning and positive role models increases aspirational thinking and impacts future career decision-making. To build the healthcare sector, we need to focus on inspiring young kids.

Want to support our work? Mini-Medical School events bring fun, hands-on experiential activities focused on health, wellness, and careers to elementary students K-6. Available as an in-person or virtual event, Mini-Medical School is also a great volunteer opportunity for healthcare professionals and healthcare students to connect and inspire the next generation of health professionals. For more information, visit

For more K-12 healthcare career resources, please visit

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