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Bringing Open Source Development to Health Care

Lori Melichar, a Senior Program Officer and labor economist at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation wrote an interesting article on her experience learning computer programing in a day.

Her key takeaway surprised us. We need to make health care innovations more like technology innovations – with an ‘open-source’ view of transparency and collaboration.

Melichar asks, “What if everyone committed to revolutionizing health and health care–or any field, for that matter–was as open and collaborative in the development of ideas and approaches as so many programmers seem to be?”

That is why collaboration is one the Michigan Health Council’s core values. Since our founding more than 70 years ago, we have been a collaborative organization.

Today, as we use technology to improve our collaborative instincts: our ACE Coordinating Council, Education to Practice Incubator, Michigan Deans of Health Professions, the Michigan Recruitment and Retention Network and Michigan Center for Nursing reflect the collaborative spirit we need to advance Michigan’s health professionals and the patients they serve.



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