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A New Look to Share New Ideas

As part of our management contract with the Michigan Primary Care Consortium (MPCC), the Michigan Health Council recently updated the MPCC’s website.  They talked with 71% of members and developed a few goals for the project, including:

  1. Clearly communicate priorities and deliverables by simplifying navigation and usability

  2. Consistently represent MPCC’s brand as a consortium that helps individuals get results, work together, and feel connected

  3. Keep members and partners up-to-date on our monthly results

  4. Host a new content management system, the MPCC Matchmaker, that provides takeaways from key resources and links to the full resource

Visit the new website at Drew Murray, MHC’s Innovation and Impact Director and MPCC’s Executive Director, understands that everyone is expected to do more with less. “Everyone should be open to new ideas, new tactics, and new ways of working together,” said Murray.  MPCC’s new website offers you the opportunity to advance primary care in Michigan with a group of passionate, local leaders spread across the state. If you would like to get more engaged, don’t hesitate to contact Drew at [email protected] or 517-908-8241.

Learn more at



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