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2021 HealthSights by MHC Insight

The HealthSights series was a project of MHC Insight that explored historical, current, and future trends in Michigan’s healthcare workforce while providing context to employers, educators, workforce development professionals, and policymakers that assist with healthcare talent development in the State of Michigan.

Find the full 2021 series below:

Q3 2021 HealthSights: Medical Technicians
Download • 721KB
Q3 2021 HealthSights_ Nursing
Download • 683KB
Q3 2021 HealthSights_ Patient Support
Download • 718KB
Q3 2021 HealthSights_ Physicians
Download • 629KB
Q3 2021 HealthSights_ Pharmacy
Download • 581KB
Q3 2021 HealthSights_ Behavioral Health
Download • 951KB
Q3 2021 HealthSights: Therapy
Download • 1.17MB



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