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Streamlining Your COVID-19 Processes With ACEMAPP

Michigan Health Council developed ACEMAPP, a collaborative platform for health care education, recruitment, and professional development, in an effort to maximize clinical rotations in Southeast Michigan. Today, it is used by schools, clinical sites, and individuals nationwide to help create seamless educational and professional experiences.

We’re proud to be working with a number of partners to help them adapt to and overcome some of the new challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to clinical education. Below, you’ll find some of the ways our partners have used ACEMAPP to streamline their COVID-19 processes.

Tracking the COVID-19 Vaccine A number of our schools and clinical sites have begun tracking the COVID-19 vaccination series online for their students, staff, volunteers, and/or faculty. There are a number of benefits to managing the COVID-19 vaccine in ACEMAPP, including:

  1. Going paperless: Individuals may submit proof of vaccination online through paperless document submission. They may simply take an image and upload it or enter a completion date, depending on your organization’s requirements.

  2. Monitoring completion in real time: As soon as individuals upload their proof of first and/or second dose (if applicable), coordinators will be able to view their document(s). If you set the vaccine as required, students will not be able to attend rotations until they have completed it. If it is not required, you will still be able to see who has received vaccines for your own records.

  3. Avoiding duplication of work: Individuals can store their vaccine information for their own records while also making it available to their school and/or clinical site(s) who may also be tracking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sharing COVID-19 Updates ACEMAPP members are keeping their partners in the loop by posting their current COVID-19 policies in their ACEMAPP profile, posting announcements to students, and sending messages to partners through the platform.

Scheduling Vaccine Clinics Vaccine clinics are a great way for health care students to help out and receive clinical hours. Clinical sites or schools who lead vaccine clinics may schedule rotations for them in ACEMAPP. Students may then complete any items the clinic may require (i.e. immunization history, waivers) and apply for, or be assigned to, those rotations. Students may participate in varying levels of help, from paperwork to administering shots, based on the needs of the vaccine clinic.

Documenting Virtual or Simulation Hours If students are attending virtual rotations or simulation labs, schools may enable ACEMAPP time logs to track hours spent in those experiences. Students may then share these experiences in their virtual ePortfolio, should they choose.

If you would like more information on how to implement any of the above best practices for your organization, please contact our ACEMAPP team at [email protected] or 844-223-4292.

ACEMAPP is a product of Michigan Health Council.



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