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MiLES Update: Program Currently Suspended

MiLES is currently suspended due to a lack of state funding.

Michigan Loan Reimbursement and Employment Solution (MiLES) was a loan reimbursement program for physicians funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and administered by the Michigan Health Council. MiLES offered $50,000 in tax-free loan repayment to physician residents in exchange for a 2-year post-residency service commitment in a medically underserved area of Michigan. Unfortunately, the program was de-funded in the 2019 State Budget process.

During the first application window of 2019, eight applicants were offered awards ($50,000 each) through the program and five physicians accepted. Those physicians were awarded a total of $250,000 and have been placed throughout Michigan as follows:

MD, General Surgery – Hackley/Mercy Hospital, Muskegon DO, Family Medicine – DayOne Family Healthcare PC, Battle Creek MD, OB/GYN – Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial, Fremont MD, Family Medicine – Family Medical Care, Brekenridge MD, Family Medicine – Hills and Dales General Hospital, Cass City

We will notify you of any updates to come in 2020.



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