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Michigan Health Council Awarded Funding for Michigan Action Coalition

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Michigan Health Council Awarded Funding for Michigan Action Coalition

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation taps Michigan Center for Nursing to promote nursing development

OKEMOS – The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded the Michigan Health Council’s Michigan Center for Nursing with a grant totaling $150,000 to lead the statewide Action Coalition to develop nursing leadership with Michigan’s 160,000 licensed nursing professionals.

“We are honored to have our proposal selected by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,” said Carole Stacy, Director of the Michigan Center for Nursing. “It is exciting to expand our efforts helping Michigan’s nurses with career planning, academic advancement and leadership skills to ensure that Michigan’s patients have access to high-quality health care.”

The $150,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is 50% matched by a combined award from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan Foundation, and Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan.

“The Michigan Health Council continues to support and invest in collaborative efforts that bring different stakeholders together to achieve cost-effective and high-quality outcomes,” said Anne Rosewarne, CEO of the Michigan Health Council. “Convening these groups to support nursing leadership creates better programing with more reach than any one institution could do on its own.”

The Michigan Action Coalition will create a web portal to provide career and academic advancement support to Michigan’s nurses, identify barriers and incentives to support nursing education and career planning, and provide nursing leadership training with a focus on team-based and interprofessional care.

“Nurses are an essential part of the care team for Michigan’s patients,” said Stacy. “In an era of reform, this program will continue to ensure all Michigan’s patients have access to high-quality nursing care.”

The Michigan Health Council is an Okemos, Michigan-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to connect health care professionals with jobs, promote health care education, and solving the challenges facing Michigan’s health care employers and practitioners.. Learn more about the Michigan Health Council at




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