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Mentoring: How Ostepathic Medicine has Built a Health Care Community

Michigan is home to one of the largest community of Osteopathic Physicians, and Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine is one of the largest medical schools in the country.

Mentoring has been an important part of the tradition of Osteopathic medicine. (Not sure what Osteopathic medicine is? Learn more at

To learn more about how DO’s practice mentoring, we posed a few questions to the Michigan Osteopathic Association President, Michael D. Weiss, DO, an obstetrician and Director of the Women’s Wellness Institute in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Micahel D. Weiss, DO

President, Michigan Osteopathic Association

What is osteopathic medicine and what makes it different?

It encompasses a treat the whole person attitude. It also looks at integrating the effects of the musculoskeletal system as it responds to our bodies

The osteopathic profession has deep roots, (there are countless multi-generational osteopathic families) how have osteopathic physicians internalized this culture of connecting through generations of physicians?

In our profession, family comes first.

What are some examples of how people provide mentoring experiences?

I just love to pass on to the students my knowledge…that way a small part of me becomes part of that student makeup

Physicians have especially busy schedules, where do you find time to mentor your colleagues?

It is just there…we get so much joy in becoming part of the way a student carries on our individual legacy

Describe the growth you have seen from other physicians after they are mentored or after they become a mentor?

Simply, I see myself in them…the way they treat other patients, the way that they use their hands

Who has mentored you and how has it been important to your career?

My mentors are all ob/gyns physicians and my fellow residents…the most significant was Dr. Andreas Spyridakis…a fellow resident.

Who have you mentored and how have you seen those individuals grow into better physicians?

Too many to count.

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