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Bridging The Gap Between Clinical Education & Talent Sourcing

Over the past decade, the Michigan Health Council (MHC) team has observed the growing need for streamlined collaboration between clinical education and recruitment. As the creators of ACEMAPP, a collaborative platform for healthcare education, recruitment, and professional development, we knew we were poised to create an innovative solution to meet the needs of employers and professionals nationwide. The all-new "communities" feature within ACEMAPP is the direct result of our research and development around this important topic.

ACEMAPP communities help to ensure that clinical sites are able to stay in touch with students both throughout their education and following graduation. Communities are a virtual space for talent acquisition and recruitment professionals to review student information, message individuals, and share updates regarding their organization.

Below, we've outlined the key benefits of starting an ACEMAPP community:

Automate ROI

Healthcare organizations invest in students every yeat by providing educational experiences. ACEMAPP automatically encourages those students to follow your professional “community” once they’ve been assigned to a rotation at one of your locations.

View Database

ACEMAPP community administrators will have access to a database of individuals who have chosen to connect with their organization’s community. Administrators can search for students based on graduation date to easily communicate with upcoming or recent graduates. They may also review relevant information such as rotation history, evaluations, resumes, and more.

Share Updates

Share information about your organization using your community profile page. You may also post updates, such as information about upcoming career fairs and featured job openings, to keep your community of students and graduates engaged. Bulk and private messaging in ACEMAPP is available for those who wish to communicate directly.

You must be a member of ACEMAPP to access this feature. To schedule a demonstration or get started, please contact the ACEMAPP support team at [email protected] or 844-223-4292.

ACEMAPP is a service of Michigan Health Council.



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