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Solutions Net

Solutions Net is an organized way for decision-makers across the care continuum to build health workforce capacity together. We know you can get lost searching the sea for solutions and waste a lot of time. Solutions Net helps you catch the solutions you’re fishing for and fast. The Net includes:

  • Initiatives Hub profiles solutions 

  • Occupations Index ranks and compares of health professions 

  • Chatter tracks and analyzes current workforce events

  • Engage allows you to share your workforce activities   

MHC’s Solutions Net is supported by a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.


The Hub profiles 200+ health workforce initiatives in Michigan. Consult the geographical snapshot to view regional initiatives. Statewide initiatives are listed in a table that can be sorted by leading organization, target occupations, issue area, and more.


Michigan Healthcare Workforce Index (MHWI) is a first of its kind, comprehensive index that assesses the “health” of 36 healthcare occupations in Michigan.


Coming soon!

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Have a healthcare workforce initiative to add to the Hub?

Keep up to date on healthcare workforce policy

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